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It is all about the fans of Taste Love Cupcakes. Our goal is to bake the best gourmet cupcakes in town, so we love to hear when we satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out some of the decadent reviews left by other fans and maybe mix in a review of your own.

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AMAZING Vegan Cupcakes

I stopped in yesterday for the vegan chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for my husbands birthday. These were the best cupcakes I have EVER had, vegan or non. I cannot wait to try all the other flavors. I ended up eating most of them; my poor husband :)

Holly in Royal Oak, Michigan

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

These were the most awesome cupcakes I have ever had! I could sit down with a bowl of the frosting and be in HEAVEN!! If you're in downtown Royal Oak, you must try this place!

Sonia in Royal Oak MI

Great G-Free Cupcakes

G-Free (aka Gluten Free/Wheat Free Cupcakes) I have been gluten free for 4 years and I miss cupcakes! But, not anymore. These cupcakes taste great. If you need a gluten free cupcake fix go Taste and Love Royal's G-Free Cupcakes.

Deanna in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Part of my Favorite Cupcake Shops

I have walked pasted Taste Love Cupcakes when ever I was in downtown Royal Oak. So I finally got the chance to go and give it a try. I LOVE CUPCAKES. I have gone around Metro Detroit seeking out all the cupcake shops. I do have my favorites and not so favorites and Taste Love Cupcakes is a part of my favorites. When i walked in the door I was greeted with a friendly greeting. The lady behind the counter (one of the owners) asked if I ever been here and I said no, she then began to tell me about how long they have been in business and she told me the specials of the day. When ever I try a new cupcake shop I always got a half dozen of different cupcakes to try and here is what I ordered. "The" Red Velvet Vanilla Salted Caramel (Special Flavor) Chocolate Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Cream Chocolate Vegan Vanilla Chocolate Each cupcake was good and moist. I will be coming here more often when I have a cupcake craving.

Kiki's Reviews in Metro Detroit, MI

French Toast & Bacon

Consider me a convert. I watched Bridesmaids and thought the concept of a cupcake store was silly (*ducks*). My friends and I stopped into the store on May 5 during our Free Comic Book Day travels and after some soul searching I gave into temptation I purchased one French Toast & Bacon cupcake and will now be coming back after running the Crim 10 mile in August to get a dozen. I might sneak down and get more until then, they are THAT good. WOW.

Levi in Flint, MI


Ever since I had the cupcakes I have gone back at least every other week. I have had the sweet potatoe, lemon rasberry, cookie dough, red velvet, lemon, and vanilla with carmel... The best cupcakes I have ever had in my life!!!! I am awaiting the maple bacon cupcake to be made, hopefully soon :)

Kisha in Southfield, MI

Joy in my mouth!!

I treated myself and my brother to these tasty treat...and was WOW!!! I had the red velvet, which I am very picky about, had a bad experience with red velvet in the past...lol...these were very good....will be returning.

Melissa in Troy, MI

Absolutely amazing!

I was amazed at how great these cupcakes were. The frosting was some of the best that I have ever had. The chocolate and peanut butter frostings were to die for. I also thought the little red heart on each cake was adorable. I was so happy with these cupcakes and cannot wait to come back. It is absolutely worth every penny!

Lorna in Livonia, MI

French Toast Cupcake = BEST EVER

The French Toast Cupcake with Bacon is the BEST CUPCAKE that I have EVER had. I am not a huge fan of bacon but I am so glad that I gave this cupcake a chance because it was by far my favorite. After trying it the first time, I had to get more so I brought the French Toast mini cupcakes into work and they were gone in a few minutes.

Lora in Royal Oak, MI

Best Cupcakes EVER!!!!

When I worked in Royal Oak, I must have had a cupcake a day! Their cupcakes are the most fresh cupcakes I have ever had with the most delicious frosting!!!

Beth in Shelby Township, MI

Best cupcake I've ever had!!

I was walking along the streets of royal oak with my mother who was visiting from out of state, when we decided to go in and try a cupcake. We split the coconut raspberry. Was the best cupcake I've ever had! I love coconut and raspberry and there was fresh raspberries in the middle and you could taste the essence of coconut throughout the cake batter and frosting. It all melted in your mouth! Plan to order a few dozen cupcakes for an up coming party at my house. Thanks taste love cupcakes!

Ashley in W. Bloomfield, MI


My sister surprised me with the chocolate peanut butter cupcake and my very words were "that was the most amazing cupcake ever!" I don't really care for cupcakes, but that one was so good, I can't wait to try more of them. I wish you girls much success!

LaGail in Detroit, MI

the dozen disappearing act

If you buy a dozen be prepared to eat them all or watch them disappear in front of you! These are not only the BEST cupcakes ever! But if you think your being nice by sharing just prepare yourself to go by more they are THAT good!! Luv me some taste love!!

Jules in royal oak, mi

Chocolate chip cookie dough

chocolate chip cookie dough is by far the best of the best...this should be an everyday flavor. You have really out did yourself on this flavor. Love, Love, Love.

Dana in Birmingham, Michigan


We had your cupcakes at a birthday party over the weekend and they were perfect. I would love to have another right NOW!

Deanna in Grosse Pointe, MI

A bite of heven.

These cupcakes beat any other cupcake shop out there. Without a second thought these are by far the best sweet treats I have EVER had. Every time I go downtown I stop in and have everyone I'm with try one. Every time my friends are speechless because they're so good.

Sam in Royal Oak, Michigan


Taste Love cupcakes are the BEST cupcakes EVER! I cant wait to try new flavors! They were Delicious!! :) Cant wait to tell all my friends!


Best cupcakes ever!

My taste buds were engaged in a luv affair. More!!

Roy in Oak Park, MI

Delicious Cupcakes!

Fresh favorful moist and delicious cupcakes! The staff is very friendly and the store is adorable!!



Stopped by one day after work and tried the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake and it was life changing. I loved that you can taste the vanilla bean and that it has fresh strawberries in the cake. I am also a frosting girl so I loved that the icing was rich.


Sweet Potato Cupcakes

YUMMY! These are the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. Thanks

Christine in Clinton Township MI

Talk of the Wedding!!

We ordered cupcakes for our daughter's wedding and everyone absolutely loved them! They kept saying that the cupcakes were the best they ever had -- very fresh, moist and flavorful. And everyone loved the frosting. Your signature heart was perfect for a wedding. Even a couple weeks later, our friends and family were still talking about your cupcakes. My personal favorites are Sweet Potato and Tiramisu! We've already been back once for cupcakes since the wedding and know we'll be back again - soon!

Gail in Fowlerville, MI

Heaven's Cupcakes

Lord Have Mercy!!! My daughter is a fan of Taste Love Cupcakes and had watched the Cupcake Wars episode where you won. She had been begging me to go so we finally did on Saturday. I had the Raspberry Moscato Cupcake, UM, UM, UM.. The heavens had opened at the first bite. It was absolutely delicious, I mean, absolutely delicious. My girls enjoyed the Red Velvet and French Toast Cupcakes and they enjoyed them as well!!!

Jacquie Brown in Inkster, MI


Mmmmmmmm!!!!!! These cupcakes are delicious!!! I would recommend making one called the Maceo Deluxe!!!!

Crisp in Miami, FL


Our daughter-in-law brought us some of your cupcakes as she had raved about them. WOW! They are probably the best cupcakes I have ever had! I wished she had brought one of each to try them all. We will definitely get some the next time we are down to visit them. Keep up the great work!



I saw a shot of the store on channel 2 news. I looked the store up online along with the reviews! I stopped in today and was beyond impressed. The store is very neat, cozy and cute.I ordered the red velvet it was to die for. I'm mad i only got 1, however i will be returning 2mrw for more! Its hard to find a really good soft creamy icing as you all have prepared.. I had just enough icing and could not stop licking my fingers! Words can't express how good the cupcake was. I also got 3 vegan chocolate on chocolate cupcakes. I was highly impressed with the look as well as the taste! I wish you ladies nothing but pure success, good fortune and good luck in all you both do! A forever returning customer you have!!

Malone in Detroit, MI

Cupcakes for My Birthday - Wow!

I received cupccakes for my birthday. WOW, what a Taste of Love they were. I told several of my friends. I shall see you soon...I want more


Red Velvet half pint!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! We are addicted. Thanks Yolanda and Michelle for bringing such sweet fantastic treats to the neighborhood!

Sefe' in Royal Oak, MI

Best I ever had

This was, quite simply, the single best cupcake I've had in my entire life.

Jessica in Hamtramck, MI


This cupcake is amazing! Probably my favorite of the four different flavors I have tried so far!

Natalie in Clawson, MI

Best Cupcakes I've Ever Had

Taste Love is by far the best cupcakes I've ever had. I have traveled quite a bit and have even tried some of the places they consider the 'best' in the nation. Without a doubt, Taste Love has the best frosting I've ever had and the most moist cupcakes. Great shop! Will always come back when I get the chance!

Deana in Macomb, Mi

Absolutely unbelievable!!!

Since moving to Royal Oak, I've had difficulty finding vegan desserts. This cupcake is incredible! Definitely worth the trip (and will be worth future return trips!).

Amanda in Royal Oak, MI


Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake is my favorite one, I get it every Saturday

Maria Girard in Michigan

Best Cupcake ever

I Love your penut butter chocolate cupcake, it is the best

Maria Girard in Royal Oak, MI

Happy Hour Anyone?

Yesterday my friend and I jumped for joy when we found out it was happy hour & cupcakes were $2 each. These cupcakes are the best!Every week I try a different one. They are always moist and yummy. I hope to spend many more happy hours at Taste Love Cupcakes!

Melissa in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Two words: RED VELVET

Woah. Best red velvet cupcake ever. So moist! I was licking my fingers when I finished! The frosting had an amazing cream cheese taste. The only complaint I had was the chocolate cookies and cream cupcake... I was expecting the frosting to be amazing judging by the looks, but was disappointed when it tasted like pure sugar. Pint-sized jars are genius! Keep up the good work! ;)



I tried the Red Velvet for the first time today, and it was just great. But Id love to try them all

Maria in Royal Oak, MI

Best Red Velvet in the World!!!

I was in royal oaks for a business trip. I saw the store and remembered watching them on Cupcake Wars! I got a red velvet and totally fell in love with it. Everybody should taste a cupcake from taste lovebefore they die!!!


Tasted. Loved.

These cupcakes look and smell as lovely as they taste. (The only problem with them is that they single-handedly derailed my diet.)

Timothy in Royal Oak, MI

Worth the trip

I live in Ohio and saw the episode where the Taste of Love owner won. So the next time I was in the Detroit area I decided to visit the store. I ordered the sweet potato cupcake. It was divine; it was moist and full of flavor!! Next time I'm in the area I'm certainly going to pay Taste of Love another visit.

Kathy in Westlake, OH

Best cupcakes ever!!!

Taste ♥ Love has the best cupcakes that I have ever tasted! They are so delicious. I'm a vegan and it's so nice to look at the Facebook page to see the flavor of the day.

Molly in Royal Oak, Michigan

Chocolate Vegan Cupcake

Chocolate HEAVEN!!!! Had one at work..I'm in LOVE!

Robyn in Grosse Pointe Park, MI

Bridal Shower

Fantastic cupcakes and service!!!! They were the perfect finish to our special day. Thank you

Kyle Anne in Royal Oak, MI

Great Minds Think Alike

I went to a friends house in Royal Oak and she was not home. So I went to taste love and got some cupcakes for us to share (and I had one for the road) I wanted to surprise her. I got to her house and she said, I got a surprise for you and I said I have a surprise for you..and we both held out 1/2 dozen cupcakes from taste love. We were in heaven. The best cupcakes in town, and we tried them all.

Maggie in Warren, Michigan


1st chocolate cake I've ever enjoyed! It's moist, has rich chocolate flavor, & the caramel is a great treat. The salt added a nice surprise crunch. Try the Cookies and Cream & Red Velvet cupcakes, too!

Courtney in Detroit, MI

Love to try something new

I tried a new cup cake a few weeks ago and I thought it was good. Red velvet is very good, but I love chocolate and the penut butter chocolate cup cake is my favorite. Well chocolate anything. Id love to try cinnamon some time

Maria Girard in Royal Oak, MI

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AMAZING Vegan Cupcakes

I stopped in yesterday for the vegan chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for my husbands birthday. These were the best cupcakes I have EVER had, vegan or non. I cannot wait to try all the other flavors. I ended up eating most of them; my poor husband :)

Holly in Royal Oak, Michigan


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